I have extensive training in the following treatment system techniques and modalities:

Spinal Manipulation Techniques: Diversified Technique, Flexion/Distraction Technique, upper and lower extremity adjustment Technique, States Manual Technique, Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques

Traditional modalities: electric stimulation, ultra-sound, ionto-phoresis, phonophoresis, etc.

Massage: Classical, Swedish, Anma, Trigger point release, Deep Friction. etc.

Myofascial release: Rolfing, Myofascial Drag, Myofascial Tug, Gewash/Gewish

Spinal, Visceral and extremity mobilizations

Postural training

Muscle energy


Manual stretching and Manual strengthening/conditioning: PNF patterns, isotonics, isometrics, plyometrics

Development of exercise protocols: utilizing manual, isotonic, isokinetic, aerobic principles and systems