Doctor's/Therapist's Quotes

This page is designed to have doctors or physical therapists that have been to my seminars to tell their stories/ experiences, and testify to my techniques and abilities... If you have a testimony please email me...

1)Dr. Alan Chen, Ontario, Canada
"I had the opportunity to attend several of Dr. Palzer's seminars on Dutch Spinal Mobilzation Technique and Classic Soft Tissue Massage/ Myofacial Techniques while I was still in school. I find myself using his techniques in my practice a lot because they are so effective."

2)Dr. Vincent Domingo, Chicago, Illinois
"Dr. Gregg Palzer and I attended chiropractic school together. As with any school, the education is what you make of it. Dr. Palzer helped me make the most of mine. His background in physical therapy complimented the chiropractic philosophy. While in school, Dr. Palzer allowed me the opportunity to learn from his experiences. That knowledge has help me provide my patients with the quality therapy they need."

3)Dr. Trent Peng, Waco, Texas
"Being a colleague of Dr. Gregg Palzer for several years, and having attended many of his seminars, I am convinced that Dr. Palzer is extremely knowledgeable in human anatomy, mechanisms of diseases and appropriate therapeutic options. His skills in manual and physical therapy are also unmatched. Most importantly, his genuine care for patients and professional bedside manner really help facilitate patient's recovery process and establish a healing environment. I will no doubt recommend Dr. Palzer to any patients seeking quality health care or health care professional to learn alternate treatment techniques."