Patient's Quotes

This page is designed to have patients tell their stories and testify to my techniques and abilities... If you have a testimony please email me...

1)Tokey Hill, Long Island, N.Y.
* USA National Karate Federation Coach of US National Karate Team
* WUKO sanctioned referee
* Coaches Committee Chairman
* 1999 USOC “Coach of the Year”
* Gold Medal, 1980 WUKO/WKF World Championship, Madrid, Spain.
* Six Time National Karate Champion.
* Six Time A A U All-American.
* Inducted into the USA-NKF Hall of Fame, Competitor's Award.
* Inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame, Ohio Karate Assn.
* Gold Medal, All Youth Japan Karate Championship, Yokohama, Japan.
* Awarded Outstanding Technician at International of France, Paris, France.
* Gold Medal, Pan American Championships, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.
* Bronze Medal, World Games, Santa Clara, California.
* Silver Medal, International of France, Paris, France

"I have used Dr. Gregg Palzer's services through the years as a physical therapist and then as a Chiropractor to decrease pain, increase my function and recovery time, after hard sessions of training and several of my injuries, I find him to be a very effective, caring and thorough professional."

2)Dr. Alan Chen, Ontario, Canada
"With his unique manual techniques, Dr. Palzer was able to give me long lasting relief for my chronic neck and back pain."

3)Dr. Vincent Domingo, Chicago, Illinois
"While lifting weights at the gym, I felt a strain between my shoulder and neck. I couldn’t move my neck and all I felt was sharp pain. Consulting Dr. Gregg Palzer, I learned I had strained my trapezius muscle. Dr. Palzer offered quality manual therapy and had me back in no time. Dr. Palzer also took the time to teach me proper lifting techniques. His time and effort has improved my lifting and I have not had any reoccurrences. Now I consult Dr. Palzer for all my problems."