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Postural training

Postural training- mind and body are linked through "the primary control" of the head, the neck and the spine . Posture has a significant effect on performance. Postural training is offered as part of drama and dance training around the world.

Consider the effect modern living may have on posture and movement. By slumping on a sofa, bending over a keyboard, getting in and out of a car or spending long periods in an awkward position, poor postural habits become ingrained over many years.

A Chiropractor/ Physical Therapist/ Massage therapists will discuss a personal program in order to help re-learn habits in posture and movement.

An assessment is made of current problem areas, and through guidance and instruction, these are gradually modified over a number of sessions.

Thus the Postural Training Techniques seek to rediscover balance, poise, and freedom from stress and tension. Mind and body can benefit from this education in posture, thereby promoting the body's natural healing processes.